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A couple of weeks ago I was shooting a wedding as an extra photographer and I saw the other photographer use a dome-looking diffuser on her flash. I was really intrigued by it because I’d never seen it before. It looked like it gave a very soft and well-spread light to her flash without having to bounce it or anything. I haven’t seen the results her diffuser had on her photos, but once they post those shots I’m curious to see how they look.

I did some looking around and I finally found the diffuser she was using. It’s called a Lightsphere and they’re pretty expensive as far as diffusers go, roughly $50-$60, but it looks very versatile and great for soft light that brings out great flesh tones. Of course, you can always touch up the photos with editing software, but you’re always better off when you have to adjust as little as possible. We’ll see how things go, but I might get myself one of those in the near future.


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