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Rock The Dress: Marie

This shoot was so much fun to do! I had a chance to take my sister around to various locations and do a Rock the Dress shoot that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Finally, today the weather was pretty bearable, and Marie braved the cold as the sun came down and the breeze picked up. Originally we thought we could squeeze all of these shots before it became dark, but it turned out to be a blessing all the same because my wife, Heather, and I got a chance to test our lighting skills. I was very, very happy in how all these shots turned out.

I wanted to make sure that with this shoot I came back with a broad variety of looks, poses, angles and feels. I’ve seen a couple Rock the Dress shoots around the web that were phenomenal and aimed for the same type of quality, while keeping my own style involved. I’ve also seen a good share of Rock the Dress photos that all looked just about the same with little to no variety from one picture to the next.

More of my thoughts below…

Climbing up on the train was a must. I didn’t know whether we were going to get in trouble or not, but as soon as we started shooting I wasn’t even worried any more. Marie really pulled off a lot of good poses and faces. She said she got a few tips from “America’s Next Top Model.” Hey, whatever helps.

Heather and I agreed that this was our personal favorite. To me, what’s so powerful about this picture is the angled framing. It gives the image some movement, but I also bumped up the contrast to have everything pop. I wasn’t even planning on taking this photo originally, but as I came down the train I saw my sister there and it looked perfect.

I took several shots similar to this one where Marie was holding on to the bar, but I loved this one the best. In focus, we see her wedding ring which matches the color of the blue train, and it’s in contrast to the warmth of the picture in the background of the image.

Marie looks so powerful in this shot.

There were a lot of images that showed Marie’s tender side, and I think this one definitely captured that.

I love the downward gravity of this picture, but how Marie’s neck holds her head high. Very strong.

I caught Marie off guard in snapping this photo, and I love the look of surprise on her face. She wasn’t ready for it, and it gives the image a sense of playfulness.

The framing of this image is really engaging in my opinion. Marie’s eyes draw you right in, and yet there’s these layers of separation that keeps the picture at bay all the same.

Playfu. Had to show off the shoes 🙂

Again, another unplanned shot. She didn’t know I snapped a few photos while she ran to the one stretch of the tracks. Love the fleeting sensation of this picture.

Innocent face. Rocking shoes. Perfect.

I give Heather all the credit for this one. I was so busy taking photos of Marie up close, I didn’t even notice the framing of the horizontal tracks and the train with the graffiti. Heather said, “Take it from over here,” and she was totally right. Funny how a few feet of distance create such a change and transformation in an image.

Marie looks like a superhero striking a pose here.

I got to use the Gary Fong flash diffuser for the first time, and I love the results. Heather was a huge help in these shots as she held the SB-800 speedlight off camera. I simply used my camera as a remote to sync to it. The lighting looks truly sharp, and the diffuser gave some very impressive results.

We found this abandoned church along Route 28 that was really a beautiful sight for taking photos. Unfortunately by this point the sky was turning dark and my flash was acting up because I think the batteries were dying. Always check the batteries people! The only thing I don’t like about the SB-800 is that it doesn’t give you an indicator of the battery life, but we could definitely see it struggling as the flash refused to go off if it was too far from the camera. I definitely want to come back to this spot during daytime for a future shoot. Any takers?

Took a few by this railing. This was my favorite. Love the glow and aura of light around Marie.

Heather bounced the flash off the ground. Gave this image a very distinct, mysterious look to it.

We almost walked away from doing photos using this cubby-hole type ledge in the wall. I’m glad we stuck around for a few more photos. Heather did a nice job stretching out to have the light come down on Marie from the top right. Love the effect.

This image looks superimposed, but I assure you it’s not. Just a long exposure and Heather lit Marie witht he flash a bit. I really had a tough time with these shots because by this point it was getting cold out, and Marie was getting pretty chilly. Plus guys started cat-calling her as they drove past. Don’t hit on my sister! Can’t you see she’s wearing a wedding dress!


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