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Family Portraits: The Barretts

Just before Christmas, Heather and I took photos of Eve, 3, Micaiah, 2, and Haven, 9 months. They were full of energy and we certainly did some chasing around and broke a sweat to make sure we had good photos, but we were so pleased by how the pictures turned out. The most fun was at the end when we had all three kids crawling around on the ground. I just got low with the camera and started snapping. For this shoot, we used just ambient lighting and an off-camera SB-800 with the regular dome diffuser. Nothing fancy, but for some of the shots it really gave studio-like quality lighting.

Eve looks like a little princess in this one. I really love this shot because it has a soft and natural look to it.

We made sure to catch all the funny little moments. This was a cute one.

Micaiah and Eve were really sweet together.

Love the lighting in this one. It’s unbelievable the power one strobe can have on a picture if you place it right.

Here, Micaiah and Eve were pulling teamwork to hold Haven back… but it didn’t last very long.

Just so cute.

Finally they got to do some crawling! They loved it!

This one is full of personality. Adorable.


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