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It ain’t raining, but umbrellas are always good

Last night I went to my sister’s house to take some pictures of her kids using my brand new umbrella lighting kit. I absolutely love these things. It was my first time shooting with an umbrella, and my kit came with a silver (bounce back) and white (shoot through) umbrella. I love the kind of control it gives you with lighting, and to aim it all you have to do is move it or adjust the angle or height, which takes seconds. I bought my kit from Cowboy Studio and it came with two stands, two mounts and two umbrellas for around $80. Not bad.

“Get away from my cookie and ice cream cone”- his face says it all.

Mica absolutely loved the umbrella stands and was fascinated every time the light flashed.

These last two were not taken with a strobe but they were too cute to leave out.


One response

  1. love love love these pics. you do such a great job.

    January 23, 2010 at 10:32 AM

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