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A cold plunge!

First off, I have to say, I love my wife. This morning I had just one assignment for the PG and I knew I wanted to go out and find some feature photos. This morning, before taking off to work, I was having coffee with Heather and I was just thinking outloud…

“It’s  Saturday. It’s cold outside. I wonder where I should go to find some feature photos for the paper,” I said.

Right away, Heather told me of the Pitts-Burrrrgh Drowned Hogs, who will do something similar to the Polar Bear Plunge just before Ground Hog Day to encourage Punxsutawney Phil to bring on the Spring.

So I headed out to the South Side and found a couple of tents set up by the Mon River. These people are CRAZY! I don’t know if I could ever run into the water for how cold it was outside today. My fingers seriously became crippled just walking around taking photos, and I was wearing gloves, too.

In any case, I decided I would share the photos with you all.

(Photos are property of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)


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