We do photography the right way.

Snow all around

Caught some beautiful photos of the snowy and icy weather this morning when driving around to find features for the Post-Gazette.  These four are my favorites. I wanted to capture a few images where the composition was mainly driven by shadows. Lighting in photographs is something we should never take for granted. After today, the sun will never look quite the same in the sky, and the shadows it creates will not be what they looked like when you woke up early to go to work this morning. It’s a subtle reminder for us all to treasure the glimpses of light and hope we receive every day. Every small blessing from God can fade away just like the shadows we see. Too many times I’ve fallen into the trap of my own laziness that says: “Oh, don’t worry about it… it will be there again tomorrow.”

The reality is that, no, no it won’t be. The same is true about our children and loved ones. I’m not simply saying that life is temporary. I’m saying that God gives us these days, these friends, our loved ones, to truly and deeply cherish them. Our children will grow older every single day. Our wives need us right now, not tomorrow, to spend time with them and listen to them. Even our friends move in and out of our lives. So make the most of these subtle little “shadows” because they move as the sun moves, and some will fade away before night fall.


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