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Tanker truck flip out

Last week I was driving around looking for features for the Post-Gazette when I heard on the radio that a tanker truck was flipped over on the north-bound lane of I-79 out by Coraopolis. Since I still had a couple of hours until my next shoot, I decided to head over there.  The only problem, I later discovered, was that the north and south bound lanes split up around the S-bend near Coraopolis, and they were divided by this gigantic, steep hill.

There radio said there was about four miles of backed-up traffic because of the truck on the North lane, I shot north on 279 instead, and looped back around Wexford. Once the roadway split, and my lane (south bound) shot up a hill, I could no longer see traffic on the other side. In a reach of hope, I parked my car on the side of the highway, grabbed my two cameras and trucked my way back down the road until I could finally see something.

There were too many trees in my way to get any kind of shot, so I realized that I would have to make my way down the hill. Thing thing was steep, and the trees were scattered and spread so it was hard hanging on to much of anything on my way down. What made it even worse was that, in my hurry, I left my right glove in the car. Only my left hand was covered by a glove, and I knew that was going to make it tough coming back up the same hill.

Fortunately I made it down without breaking anything (including my cameras). I was the only photographer or news cameraman on site. That made me feel quite accomplished.

In the end, the Post-Gazette never ended up using the shots, so it would be a waste if I did all that work for no one’s pleasure.


(Photos are property of the Post-Gazette)

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