We do photography the right way.

When families gather…

Okay… I couldn’t resist. I was going to wait a couple of days before posting the rest of the family shoot I did today, but I’m too excited and eager to share some of my favorite shots.

It was wonderful being a part of the celebration as the Culkin & Vancheri families honored Betty & Frank for their 80th birthday! I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but for the most part we took some traditional pictures (I used a couple of umbrella for lighting). I tried to mix it up a little by snapping photos when people weren’t really ready. Those are typically the best ones šŸ™‚

The whole family.

Grandma & Grandpa with all the grandchildren.

Every time I turned around, Athena had a new stuffed toy she wanted to show me. haha

The best shots are the ones that aren’t planned.

I kinda spooked the girls here by jumping up all of a sudden, but I got the desired reaction.

Love this “modeling” shot of Sarah & Emily. You look like you know how to work the camera there Em.

Okay, so I asked Frank to do this, but aren’t they just sweet?


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