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Meet the Hughes: Andrew + Kelly + Graham

What a wonderful joy it was doing a photo with Andrew, Kelly & Graham today! First of all, they looked absolutely adorable and they were ready to enjoy some sun. They won themselves a Free photo shoot with us by sharing their engagement story, which really displayed their trust and patience in the Lord.

I actually met Kelly by accident on my first day doing photography for the Post-Gazette. I was at the Point taking pictures when all of a sudden I saw four mothers walking towards me with their strollers. I snapped a photo, and the next day it ran in the local section of the paper. When I took the picture, Kelly told me that she and some fellow mothers started up a play-date group called Pgh Momtourage to get mothers together from all over Pittsburgh.

I’m always thrilled any time I meet fellow believers. Kelly & Andrew moved to Pittsburgh from Virginia Beach to help out with a local church called Redeemer. It’s great when the Lord picks you up from one place to another to work out His will.

Well, enjoy the photos!


One response

  1. kelly hughes

    awwwww……..!!!!!!!! I was not expecting to get to see some so quickly. LOVE. you’re the best. đŸ™‚ we love the different lighting/shading things you did as well to these! can’t wait to see more now!!

    March 24, 2010 at 9:39 PM

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