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Colin & Melissa

Colin & Melissa were such a beautiful couple! They flew down to Mexico to have their wedding and then held a reception back in Pittsburgh to celebrate with the rest of their friends and family. We were a bit jealous and wished they could have taken us with them to do their wedding photos 🙂

The reception was held in the upstairs lounge of Olive-or-Twist, where Colin’s pastor blessed their marriage during a short affirmation ceremony.

There were plenty of champagne glasses and drinks to go around for the guests to enjoy!

I like the tenderness and privacy of this photo, with their shadows embracing into a kiss.

The cake was beautiful, and cookie table was filled with assorted goodies.

The cake-feeding shots were actually kinda hard to take! Melissa kept backing away as though she expected Colin to smear icing on her face. Fortunately, no brides were cake-smeared in the making of this shoot.

The warmth of this shot is so wonderful! I slowed down the shutter speed to bring out some of the atmosphere lighting into the image.

I love how intently and passionately Melissa kept looking at her new husband. Her eyes were fixed on him through most of the night.

Here we snuck out for a few portrait shots! I got to play around with some off-camera lighting and I really love how these images came out.

I love how passionate this photo is with their tight embrace and their lips just moments from a kiss! You guys were beautiful!

Melissa said she had to restrain herself from hitting me every time I showed her a picture we took. She said she does that only when she’s really thrilled or excited about something. Well, at least we know you wanted to hit me out of joy, Melissa! And thank you, we love these photos too! 🙂

I was so happy the manager at the Renaissance Hotel let us take some pictures inside their lobby. This place is amazing, and I wouldn’t mind doing another shoot in there in the future! Any of you couples out there interested?

Thanks again Colin & Melissa for having us photograph your reception! We are so happy for you guys (and jealous that you got to fly down to Mexico!)  God bless you both!


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    April 26, 2010 at 5:05 PM

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