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The Littlest Heroes Project

I want to proudly announce that One Way Street Production has become a photography member of The Littlest Heroes Project. The project combines photographers from around the world who are willing to sacrifice some of their photography time and talent to do something special for children in need. The project’s focus is to provide free photography sessions to families who have a child with a severe illness or disability.

Some times we take for granted our talents, and stumbling across this website gave us an opportunity to serve God through one of His most precious creation: Children. It has to be so tough being a child in constant need of medical treatment and attention, and I imagine it must be just as tough on the families.

We’ve already said time and time again that Heather and I started this business to serve Christ and honor Him with our work. I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to do just that. Families who must continually battle with medical bills and the pain of watching their child suffer don’t have the time ore money to schedule a professional photographer. And there is nothing more precious than being able to capture a child’s youth and keep it as a reminder of God’s gift of life to us.

That’s why Heather and I decided to join the project, in hope that we may serve families in such need.

If you or someone you know has a child with a severe illness, please ask The Littlest Heroes Project to schedule you an appointment with us! We would be honored to capture your memories.

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  1. kellyH


    May 23, 2010 at 8:29 PM

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