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It’s all about Lil’ Benjamin Baby

Our friends Devin & Jenn invited us over to photograph their new baby, Benjamin. This little guy was so expressive and made a bunch of faces for us to capture. It’s always interesting photographing newborns… It can either be a very calming and quiet experience, or it can be an adventure. Benjamin decided to keep us on our toes, but that was a plus because it meant we would have to take more pictures of mommy and daddy cuddling him to keep him calm.

We started off with a diaper and outfit change, and he did not like this one bit. And even though these may not be his “glamour” shots, there’s always something beautiful about little children crying, because it shows their need for parents and the gift God gave us to show grace to these little ones.

Finally in mommy’s arms, the work became easy. He had a really scrunchy face, which I loved because it revealed all of his expressive faces and moods.

This Munch-a-saurus shirt was no lie. Benjamin could munch down a bottle like I had no idea a newborn could. Besides being held by Jenn & Devin, the bottle is what kept him most appeased.

Here he is… sucking that thing down. Just you wait, that’s going to come back up later.

This basket was really a nice touch. Devin told me that Dan, their brother brought it all the from Nicaragua as a gift. It would have been cool to set Benjamin on a river and let him float Moses style. Probably not the safest idea that popped in my mind for a baby photo shoot…

There it is. I told you so. All it took was a burp or two, and it all came up. This photo was too stinking cute to resist from posting it.

A little baby and two long-legged parents. Well… at least Devin is pretty long-legged. Benjamin stretched his own little footsies to show us off some leg, too, I guess.

For some reason, I love daisies, and I think think this photo was really tender and sweet.

Surrounded by all his friends…


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