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Ed + Mary

We were so blessed to start off our wedding season with Ed & Mary’s wedding. The best part was that Ed was great in keeping in touch with us leading up to the wedding and up to date on the evolution of their wedding plans. We felt really prepared and comfortable photographing their big day, and overall it all went really smoothly.

~ o ~

This is Chloe. Heather loved her. And she loved Heather because she could smell our pups on her probably. We can’t go anywhere without being covered in hair, to be honest. Chloe was extremely friendly and playful.

You can always feel the anticipation before the ceremony in the guys. Ed’s brothers kept him company at the front of the church. Ed said that he was expecting to be in full jitters, but he seemed rather composed throughout.

Mary helping her brother Paul fixing his tie.

Mary snuck into the back of the church just before the ceremony began. I was able to catch her just in time! Fortunately Ed didn’t catch a glimpse.

Mary had a beautiful deck built in her back yard, and she did all of the gardening on the hillside herself. It was a beautiful spot to catch a few shots.

They make for a pretty cute family.

So Ed presented a list of all the reasons for why he loves Mary. It was really long…

…and mary sunk her head under the tablecloth out of embarrassment. Which, in my experience, husbands are pretty good at doing that to their wives.

Ed provided sunglasses for all the guys to do a little dance of their own.

And this little guy made those glasses look good.

Thanks Ed & Mary! We really appreciated being able to photograph your wedding! We want to wish you both the best!

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