We do photography the right way.

Frank + Amanda

Frank & Amanda were such a wonderful couple. They both seemed so relaxed and easy going when we did the photos. Also, Frank’s parents put together a stunning setting in their backyard for both the ceremony and reception. His parents were also so friendly and accommodating. We really felt welcomed and at ease to be there. The day was beautiful and so was this couple!

Not sure what the beef was here. Guys just need to check their manliness with fists from time to time and make sure the tank is still full. Good to go, guys.

Girls have their bouquets, guys have their beer. I think this might a good new trend in wedding photography. But the gals were definitely way more pro in posing with their flowers than the dudes with their beer.

Here was the competition… Actually, this was Frank’s father, and a really, really nice guy. I laughed because we both had the overly-expensive piece of Tupperware on our flashes… also known as the Gary Fong Diffuser. It’s expensive, but definitely worth the buck.

Getting a bit affectionate here…

No cake cutting at this wedding, but still good to catch the traditional “feed the bride a forkful of food shot.”

Guys! You were both amazing and so easy to work with! We wish you both a very happy and loving marriage!

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