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Heroes Across America

Today I had the amazing pleasure of photographing riders of the Sea to Shining Sea biking group. The group was made up of wounded veterans who started their bike ride in San Francisco on their way across America. They’ve been on the road 52 days, and in 10 more they’ll finish up in Virginia Beach with 4,000 miles worth of wear on their treads. I was actually offered the opportunity to take photos of this group from start to finish (and get paid for it!) but I had already booked weddings during this time period so I had to decline. But I’m going to do a story on this group and how it all began, which you’ll be able to read on our 354th MPAD blog by this weekend.

I posted along several spots on their route to Pittsburgh today to get a variety of shots. This was at the Montour Valley VFW Post 7714, where Army, Marine and Navy vets waited for the fellow veterans to pass through.

The riders stopped for a quick lunch where they stretched their legs and refueled for the road…

I drove off ahead of the group so I could catch them at my next stop. A group of children from the St. Philip School waited patiently for them for several hours with American Flags. It was also a joy running into Pittsburgh Post-Gazette photographer Bob Donaldson who I used to work with during my PG internship this past spring. I really miss that gig, and it was fun getting back into it today.

Look at all those flags waving!

Thank you guys for your service, sacrifice and your commitment to doing this ride. You’re proving to America your continuing commitment and hope to others who have suffered injuries or disabilities. I sure as heck know I wouldn’t be able to do a bike ride 4,000 miles long! You guys are phenomenal. Can’t wait to write this story about you!


3 responses

  1. Scott

    THESE ARE FANTASTIC!! Love the vintage feel that you added in the post to these photos. Gives them a nostalgic Americana feel to them. the low angles and the composition is great too. Good call on going to the other side of the street to get the Mr. Rogers memorial as the backdrop. I think my photos are definitely more of the safe “event photography” coverage feel to them.

    July 14, 2010 at 9:54 PM

    • Thanks for the compliments Scott! During my time at the Post-Gazette, I had a photo editor who kept pushing me to take more risks in my photos. And I was able to afford taking that risk when we were on the north shore because I knew I had already taken enough safe shots throughout the day. But I’m really glad you liked them!

      July 15, 2010 at 6:20 AM

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