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You can bake your cake, and eat it too!

Okay, so not every couple feels comfortable doing all those mushy engagement photos where they have to hold hands and kiss and be silly in public. Some couples are simply not cool with PDA, and hey! we’re okay with that. So for this engagement session we did something a little different…

Mark and Joanna are getting married in October and they both have a passion for baking. So for their wedding, they’re baking their own cake. And when we found out they were going to do a practice session, we knew exactly what their engagement photo shoot would be…

Mark and Joanna each have their own mixer. No, don’t worry, the mixers are not cross dressers. The black one is Joanna’s and the white one is Mark’s. Marks mixer was handed down to him from his grandmother. It looks quite classy with a nice, black bow tie.

Their kitchen was decorated with little French chefs all over the place, so Heather went around and took pictures of a few.

They used Elmer’s Glue for the red bow. If I was baking a wedding cake, I would have used the glue to keep the thing from falling apart. Good thing I’m not a baker.

Mark had quite the finesse touch for the decoration part.

And I guess Joanna wanted to decorate Mark’s face. I approved.

Thanks again Mark and Joanna! We had a lot of fun photographing your practice run! And thanks even more for sharing a nice, big chunk of the Red Velvet with us! While editing the photos, I couldn’t resist and had to eat some. It was moist and delicious! Can’t wait for October 🙂


One response

  1. kellyH

    what a fun photo shoot! the cake looked great too!

    July 27, 2010 at 1:59 PM

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