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Ollie’s Twist

I’ve been bugging Ollie all spring to get to do his Senior Pictures over the summer. Finally we got the opportunity to photograph him. Ollie is such a nice kid, real pleasant to be around and … well, photogenic. He made our work easy! Kudos goes to Heather for picking out the photo location. She was driving to Cranberry one day and her eye caught this abandoned barn. Perfect! Very styling, I thought.

Ollie really worked some natural expressions. He barely needed any guidance as we shot. Looking like a country star in this shot.

Even though there was a good amount of natural light in the barn, I wanted to make sure that Ollie popped in the photos without having to overexpose his surroundings. Strobist to the rescue once again! For you photogs out there, I just used one SB-600 strobe on a stand (bare) for most of my shots, while Heather shot with natural light only.

This is just your typical, good ol’ senior picture. Gotta make moms out there happy while we shoot their kids, of course πŸ™‚

Great spill of light here, hun! I love how you worked the natural light around Ollie in your shots.

Heather’s eyes is just so wonderful sometimes when we’re out on shoots. I may be more comfortable with the camera and gear, but Heather’s eye catches some of the most joyful details. In this shot above, Heather saw the cross at the top of the barn with all that light spilling through. With Ollie being a Christian we thought it was a perfect fit on the shoot!

One compound word for you, Ollie: Smize!

Okay, so I wanted to get in on the jumping fun πŸ™‚

You did an awesome job on your shoot Ollie! We really enjoyed ourselves with you!


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