We do photography the right way.

Zeiner Family morning in the park!

April, John and little Elias went to the park to play and get some family photos taken! Elias had mommy and daddy running all over the park trying to keep up and I ran all around with them snapping some really cute shots! Thanks guys so much!


Look at that cute little face—-sooo adorable

What a lovely look!!! Haha kids have so many faces ya gotta catch ’em all at some point!

Something about this picture is really cute and intriguing. Not sure why but I really liked it! He was trying so hard to get on it and trying even harder to not fall off!

Mommy’s are always there each step of the way!

I love this picture he was standin’ like a big guy right next to daddy!

Lost in his little world of playgrounds and bubbles!

He loved playing bubbles with his mom!

He ran right up to this lonely little tree and gave it a big hug haha…. it was too cute to not take a photo!

Elias actually took this photo so all the credit goes to him!! He actually loves to “press the button!”

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