We do photography the right way.

Kellie is as sweet as honey

It was such a pleasure to do our very first Head Shot photo shoot with Kellie. She was so relaxed, easy going and fun to shoot. She wasn’t afraid to be silly or intense, which gave us a whole bunch of various photos to work with. I think taking photos of single models is one of the toughest things to do because you really have to work extra hard to get a good variety of looks, but Kellie made that easy for us. Best of all, this was our first of many portrait sessions we did sold through Living Social.

One down, forty-nine more to go!

Kellie wanted these head shots because she started doing some community theater acting a few years ago and really loved it. We figured we toss in some silly faces in there cuz you never know what kind of role she can audition for … okay, that’s just an excuse for us to have some fun and be silly just for the sake of being silly šŸ™‚

Kellie lives in Coraopolis and she had an awesome backyard! Originally we had planned on doing this shoot in Neville Island, but after seeing all the stuff we could work with just behind her house, there was no reason for us to squander such a good location.

I love barns! They give such great character to portraits.


Kellie is a Christian, so it was kinda fitting doing a photo A La Eve. Just like original sin, this crab apple was pretty bitter.

Because we asked her to… why else?

Beautiful! You look so peaceful here Kellie.

Can you believe all of these cool trees were all in a span of a few hundred square feet?

Here we drove out to a grass clearing we saw on the way to Kellie’s house. I’m a big fan of tall grass, so I figured it would make for some nice artful shots.

Great stuff Kellie! Our photo shoot lasted just one hour but we got such a great variety from you! Thanks so much for all the awesome faces and theĀ privilegeĀ of meeting you and your family. We would love to do family photos with you, your husband and kids in the future!

One response

  1. shawnhoney

    That’s my gorgeous, elegant, lovely wife. What a gift from God!

    Thank you guys for the wonderful pictures.


    August 26, 2010 at 6:31 PM

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