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Fashion de la foi!

One of my really good friends Faith is an amazing mom and has a very practical talent of crocheting. As wives we want to eventually create a network of all of our skills and use one another to promote our business’ and create new clients! So from now on you will periodically see some of her products posted here with One Way Street Production. I believe strongly in helping those who you love do whatever they need to, to provide for their families.

Faith makes dresses, tops, hats, blankets, baby clothes, head bands and so much more. Fashion by Faith is a great little business and her talents shines in all she does. Her beautiful children are her willing models and we have so many friends with children who will be posing in the amazing designs she creates.

Here is the first little glimpse of what she’s capable of. If you’d like to purchase something you see here, or have an idea of a custom made piece go to her website www.fashiondelafoi.etsy.com

This is a really cute little beanie with a brim and a pink flower and a gray scoop scarf. Many colors and combinations are available as well as custom sizing!

This hat and scarf are perfect for the fall. They aren’t heavy and great for the brisk air of fall. Colors and sizes are custom!

This is acute little beanie with a brim, pink flower and a gray scoop scarf. Many colors and combinations are available as well as custom sizing.

For all the football fans out there this is perfect for your little newborn! The hat is a little football beanie and the crocheted sack can be customized with your favorite team colors!!!!

This is so cute for newborns. The following designs are perfect for fall. The photo below is a little apple! The hat is the top of the apple (customized with a stem and leaf!) the bottoms are a cute little diaper cover with matching color!

How about a Halloween pumpkin for your little pumpkin!!! Need I say more!

Candy Corn is possibly my favorite candy—baby Sam is so adorable in his little candy corn hat and diaper cover!

Eve is modeling a purple beanie with flower and a long purple scarf. Perfect for your little girl who loves to dress up and look like mommy!

Faith and her family are amazing and we love them dearly. Whatever I can do to help her business grow will only help us in return as we get to post her beautiful creations!



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