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Jake rocks the shoot

Jake is a great kid! As soon as we met him, I knew the photo shoot would go well. We have yet to meet any seniors who are stereotypical teens, and I would say that Jake certainly wasn’t! He seemed very mature and easy going. We got a bunch of great looks out of him, and once again we used some off-camera lighting to make the most of the ambiance as we did this shoot pretty late in the day.

I have to admit, I loved Jake’s hair. Because I’m in the Army, I don’t get the benefit of growing my hair much … so I lived vicariously through him a bit here. I had him mess with his hair a lot and got some pretty slick shots out of him.

Jake’s parents bought this ’57 Thunderbird which made from some pretty classy photos. Which, by the way, the T-Bird is for sale if anybody’s looking!

Because Jake seemed so mature for his age, we wanted to do some photos that reflected that. I think for hte most part kids like more “grown up” photos. But don’t worry, we got plenty of smiling shots for Jake’s mom to keep!

I really dig this shot! And the next two with the sky…

Thanks Jake! You did a great job posing for us, and thanks for letting us play around a bit and have fun with us!


One response

  1. Great photos…looked like you guys had a blast!

    September 4, 2010 at 11:38 AM

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