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Jourdain – Mr. Vanilla Lighting

Jourdain is another great kid that Heather’s had the pleasure of working with at City Oven. The title from this post is in honor of a self-proclaimed nickname that Jourdain wanted people to call him. I figured I’d give it to him for this post since he did such a nice job posing for us. Otherwise, I usually call him by own making of his nick name: Vanilla Pudding. But for these photos, Jourdain was all flash.

Looking good kid. Looking good.

All the credit for the photo edits goes to Heather who continues to do an incredible job. Well done, babe.

Love all the leading lines coming down with him and his checker-board shirt.

Rock the Cookie Monster shirt. Well done Mr. Vanilla.

I think Jourdain had more change of shirts than any photo shoot we’ve ever done before. Hey, we like it.

You could model for men’s cologne here Mr. Lighting. Vanilla flavored cologne. Manly.

These stairs when on for freaking ever! They started off by Route 28 and went all the way up to Troy Hill! I thought they might never end. We like to multitask I guess: photo shoot and hard core workout.

Great job man! Now if everything goes well, expect another photo shoot w/ Jourdain. The next one — if all goes well — will make you say WOW!


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