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Amy & Kevin

Amy and Kevin made such an adorable couple. We had a beautiful weather to work with and some pretty cool settings along the North Side of Pittsburgh.

Love the checkerboards engraved into the pic-nik tables. I wonder if anyone comes out and play here.

I absolutely love this image. Heather and I found this abandoned fountain a little while ago when we were walking toward the Rib Festival and thought to take a quick shortcut. Made for a nice find and a great e-shoot location!

I love Kevin’s eyes in this one. They pull you right into the image.

This photo’s composition is all thanks to Heather’s great eye. I would have totally missed it even though now it looks so obvious that this photo was just meant to be taken! Thanks for the catch, hun!

Amy & Kevin had those coffee cups with them the whole time and every time we had a photo idea they had to put them down and then pick them back up. So finally I said why not just incorporate them into the picture. It kinda gives the image an “out on a date” feel. I’m sure the coffee went cold by the end of the shoot! Sorry about that guys.

Such a cute and wonderful couple! Heather is really looking forward to photographing your wedding!


One response

  1. Desiree' C.

    these two are super cute!! love it 🙂

    September 28, 2010 at 8:58 PM

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