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Sydney: A cutie and some props

Sydney was a very peaceful baby. Her mommy had a bunch of cute little hats and hand-woven things we could incorporate into the photos. Also, she had a great strategy in getting Sydney to be so peaceful during the pictures: she made sure Sydney was well fed before I came over. We had a few burpies and a couple of “spills” but I certainly do think that was good tactics on her part!

Hey look! It’s a naked baby… it’s art!

Aww! Look at those tinsy little monkey feet! How adorable.

It’s not every day you get to take a picture of a baby with a deer head in the background.

Mommy & Daddy had so many cool things to incorporate into the photos. I loved this old-style radio and how massive it was compared to this tiny little newborn.

You were such a cutie, Sydney! We truly hope we’ll get a chance to see you grow and take more photos of you in the future!


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