We do photography the right way.

Fall Family Fun!

This was such a fun and energetic family shoot! It was essentially two families who got together at the North Park so the little cousins could play together. I don’t think there’s a better way of doing family photos than this! Plus autumn is upon us and we got to throw some leaves at each other! That’s the best.

Such a wonderful catch, Heather! Love the frozen moment of this image!

How precious are those eyes! Look how shiny and bright they are. What an adorable little girl!

We didn’t tell the girls to pose like this. It just kinda happened and I snapped the shot. There’s something I like about it for some reason.

Aww! She fell right in this muddy little creek and got her cute shirt all muddy. I kinda feel bad about it because I told all the kids to play on the log… Good thing they brought along a change of clothes for her. Keep that in mind you all! You may get dirty doing family photos with One Way Street. Just saying.

Haha! Check out that face of determination in the background!

Love this one! So much motion and action with the leaves falling all around.

Thanks you guys! We ended up shooting so many pictures in the short hour we spent together! We were able to capture so much with you all!


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