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Night Time Spotlight on Danielle and Justin

Danielle and Justin are a really cute couple. I got an opportunity to do some serious strobing action with them last week in the West End. It’s one of the  most beautiful scenic outlooks in Pittsburgh. I think it beats the view from Mount Washington by a LONG shot. We did the shoot at dusk which gave us a great sunset to work with and the cold didn’t stop Justin and Danielle! Enjoy!



Love your smile, here, Danielle! You gave us so many great looks! A natural beauty in front of the camera.


Great eyes and look over Justin’s shoulder!

During a couple of these shots, my umbrella stand kept falling over because of a slight breeze. The SB-900 flash hit the ground at least twice, and kept on working like a charm. It gave me a heart attack both times, but good thing Nikon builds quality flashes that can withstand a hit!

You both look like you could model perfume/cologne or something really overpriced 🙂

Thanks for braving the cold night with me guys! Good luck with your upcoming wedding!


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