We do photography the right way.

Nathan, Kara & James

James was such a peaceful and reflecting baby. He held such a calm demeanor during the entire photo shoot. He often spent this beautiful Saturday afternoon looking around at things. I don’t think he cried a single time the entire photo shoot! Ah! Being one is such a blissful age for babies.

This was pretty cool! We got to witness James’ first time standing on his own for this long. I seriously took a dozen photos of him frozen in that squatted pose! Nathan’s reaction was phenomenal! He was so thrilled!

“What have we here? I must study this acorn…” So contemplative.

This gave Kara a heart attack, and it’s totally my fault. I was like, “Hey Nathan, why don’t you go over there and toss James in the air?” He tossed him pretty high, but it was perfect for the look I was going for!

Love this shot of James hanging on to Daddy’s finger!

We had a wonderful time with you guys! What a beautiful day for photos and a wonderful family for us to photograph!

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