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Kelsie and Mark

So sometimes I get to set out on my own and grow in my skills as a photographers apprentice! Today I met a great couple and luckily for me they were totally cool with a novice following them around with a camera! I love growing in a passion I learn from my husband and I’m so thankful when I see how amazing the skills I’m building upon produce something beautiful.  -Heather-

Kelsie and Mark are a really great couple. They’ve been married for just over a year or so and they haven’t had photos since their wedding! They’ve recently moved here from Iowa so Kelsie can further her education in Research and Clinical Psychology. She’s working on some really amazing and important stuff that someday will hopefully help young adults. They were great as we walked around East Liberty and I got some great shots of how incredibly beautiful Kelsie truly is! Enjoy!

Way to blend in with the railings Mark! 🙂

I love this photo below…sometimes I snag just one really great image—and this is todays!!

I love these two photo! Mark was kind of on the shy side but he definitely loves his wife and I grabbed the tenderness in these two photos!

The two photos below I absolutely love. Kelsie has such beautiful, stunning features and with the colors of the leaves, these two photos are gorgeous! Go Kelsie!

Work it Mark!

I love this kissy photo! Just as I snapped this the wind blew slightly just making the image so tender!

SO Kelsie and Mark are both right around 6’foot tall. (I’m 5’7). So I wanted to place them in this big brown door. I love it!

I had a really great afternoon spending time taking your photos guys. I wish you all the best! -Heather-


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