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Maximilian, Alex the Great and some brotherly love

This family photo session was a great success! Little max took a little while warming up to us but once we got to play around in the grass, it was a no-brainer that this was going to be a good photo shoot! In fact, about 500 snapped photos in I looked at my watch and only a half hour had gone by and I knew we’d snagged plenty of good shots of these two little guys. Typically it takes a solid hour before we can wrap things up!

Max had this awesome frankenstein walk as he tried to chug up the hill!

This wagon was awesome. As you will see most of our shots probably took place with the boys in the wagon.

Look at those smiles! Aren’t these two adorable?

You look over there, I look over here.

This way… and that way…

And here the brotherly love started! Alex kept giving little max a buncha kisses. Always makes for some nice shots.

I think by this point, Max had enough, though!

Let’s just face it, family photos where everyone looks at the camera are lame. These natural shots of mommy and daddy interacting with the kids are way better.

Tackle mom!

Tackle dad!

Thanks so much guys! These shots turned out splendid. You were all a wonderful family and Alex and Max were great to photograph!


One response

  1. Mary Beth Herzberger

    What beautiful pictures of my grandsons, son and daughter in law. Thank you so much.

    November 2, 2010 at 2:08 AM

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