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Natalie & Eric – Van Gogh Wedding

So Natalie & Eric’s wedding was the last one for the year for us, and we couldn’t be more happy to end on such a beautiful note! Natalie really went out with the details as she and Eric put together a Van Gogh themed wedding. Here blue and yellow color scheme really worked wonderfully together!

Natalie was about to sneak past the doorway behind Eric, so I told him not to look.

Nice capture, Heather! Right about this moment, the realization that she was going to marry Eric hit Natalie!

What a wonderful detail shot, Heather! This was taken with our new macro lens that came in just in time for the wedding! I was so anxious for the Sigma 50mm macro to come in all morning, and I’m so happy it did, because this wedding was totally worth capturing all the little touches.

This mechanical heart, by the way, was a present that Natalie designed for Eric a while back. It’s pretty darn sweet.

Awesome selection of ties! All of them are from Van Gogh paintings.

These two were so cute. The little boy gets her later for getting yanked on stage… you’ll see.

So classy! You and your dress looked grand, Nat!

I couldn’t believe how lucky we got when we came outside for these shots. The sun setting hit the Pitt Cathedral of Learning just right, bringing out a beautiful yellow against the blue sky… Just happens to be the wedding’s color scheme. Nice.

Aw, Heather! I love this shot you took!!

I’ve seen these frame photos taken a bunch of times by wedding photographers before, but we just had to do them! They fit perfectly with the theme and the fact that Natalie is a talented painter. Picture perfect.

We took so many fun photos with the guys! These two were just my favorites. I might use a couple of the other ideas for future weddings.

The award for this photo actually goes to Steele, the bald guy on the left. I told the groomsmen to hold a stiff pose and fall back as long as possible and Steele definitely held the fall the longest!

Watch out! It’s BrideZilla! hahah — Natalie, I love this photo! You two look really awesome in it.

In this photo, I told Eric, “Look like you’re a magician.” He definitely pulled it off!

I don’t know what’s funnier… the flower girl’s face, or the ring bearer’s. So¬†mischievous.

Bam! Sweet ring shot.

The dancing at the wedding was out of control fun! We came away with so many energetic shots!

That’s me with my flash going off at the bottom, totally surrounded! (Michel)

Haha! Thanks again Natalie and Eric for entrusting us to photograph such a beautiful and detail-driven wedding! We hope to have done it some justice!


2 responses

  1. Love the pics(maybe not the first one of me crying…but in general I am an ugly crier…lol I told heather there was NO way around it) They are awesome and cant wait to see the rest of them!!! It was a fun night and so glad you guys were there!!!

    Thanks again so much!

    November 12, 2010 at 12:16 PM

  2. So beautiful! What a wonderful wedding it was.

    November 12, 2010 at 1:37 PM

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