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Kevin: An amazing young professional

Kevin Kacvinksky is a truly impressive young man. At 24, he is only a year younger than me and Heather and already he runs 8 businesses all on his own. It took us a while to schedule this shoot because this “kid” travels a LOT! It was pretty remarkable talking with him and getting to know each other. He basically helps non-profit businesses raise money. My favorite part about him is that he also runs a Christian ministry organization in China. No small feat! You can learn more about him by visiting Kevin’s nonprofit organization website.

If you’ve been following our work for a while, you’ll know that I’ve been strobing and using off-camera lighting for quite some time to get some nice, crisp shots of our clients. A lot of it was touch-and-go and play around with lighting and see what happens. Now we’re finally at a point where I know how to control my lighting and the effects are truly rewarding. This shot above was done with just a shoot-through umbrella, but it looks natural and confident.

Heather and I were watching Zack Aria’s “One Light Workshop” DVD last night. And if you’re into photography, I highly reccomend picking it up. Or better yet, if Zack is due to come to your town, sign up for the workshop in person! I got to see him in Atlanta when I gave a presentation for the yearly Photojournalism Seminar on behalf of the Army Public Affairs.

Anywho… back to Kevin

We found this blue wall just a floor below Kevin’s office. I love how the colors all work together.

Kevin said he probably would never use this photo because I’m shooting right up his nose haha! Personally, I think this image is kick ass. It makes it seem like Kevin is full of bright and colorful ideas.

So we wanted to takes some “action”shots showing Kevin giving a presentation. If you hire me as your photographer, just know that I’m always going to try and catch you off guard. I kinda like the result of this one actually. It’s strange and random.

I call this one “The Gunslinger.” Kevin was just having at it, pretending like we were his audience and suddenly he pistol-whipped us with both his hands out. Kinda nice. Again, I love how a single umbrella turns an ordinary office shot with a blank white wall into something active and fun.

And here are some of the more casual looks. Kevin is, after all, 24. And no 24-year old should take himself so seriously that he chokes on his own tie. I dig the pink shirt.

It was a pleasure meeting you Kevin! If we were a non-profit (which, if you think about it, most young photographers are haha), we would hire you in a second! Take it easy and enjoy your travels!

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