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Up Up & Away! Josie, Pavel & Balloons!

We had so much fun with Josie and Pavel. This was a couple who wasn’t afraid to be silly and goofy on their photo shoot. We love that. And they brought balloons (which will come later) so we wanted to make them fly away with them.

Love this wall! There were so many bold colors all across it.

Josie is laughing here because I’m acting like a total creeper photographing them from this bush of weeds. Who does that?

The balloons are actually a foretaste to their wedding, where Josie’s mother is doing some pretty cool decorations by shaping up a bunch of them together! I’m psyched about that.

Now the lovey dovey stuff is taking an effect on Pavel and…

Off they go! Flying away!

Out into the clouds together for a balloon ride. We waited for them to land back down to earth, and made sure they had only one balloon each.

If you couldn’t tell, Pavel is Russian. Love that hat! Very appropriate for the cold weather coming our way, too!

Great job on this shoot guys! We really loved photographing you guys. Can’t wait for even more balloons at your wedding!


One response

  1. Josie Angel

    This isn’t teasing Michel….this is down right torture….I LOVE this picture, “yinz” are amazing.

    December 14, 2010 at 6:42 PM

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