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Amber & Greg Wedding

Ah it was so nice to get back into our photography swing of things! We started off our new year with a great little wedding with Greg & Amber, who were extremely easy going to photograph! Last time we did a photo shoot for the business was back in early December, so we definitely felt a little anxious getting back into it. It almost felt like this was our first wedding shoot ever… but within a few snaps we were right back where we left off. Hope you enjoy!

(In case you’re wondering… that’s the date)


At the reception site there was a little room where we found these wonderful Ikea lights that actually rocked for photography lighting. If I could somehow strap those things to my Nikon Strobes, I’d do it every time.

Classy! When I first took this shot, I didn’t even think we would keep it, but I ended up loving the simple beauty of the dress and the balcony working together.

I love going in close on the rings during the ceremony. The hold such perfect symbolism of unity and strength.

So this was probably the coldest day we’ve ever shot in. Last year we were extremely blessed with good weather on Saturday. The parking lot was a sheet of ice. It took both me and Greg to brave Amber out to this nice little bridge to take photos. We did our best to work quickly so that Amber didn’t turn into an ice cube!


How is it that little kids at weddings are always the best dancers? I love photographing them doing all their little-people moves.

The source of all the fun… A tray of cartoon-colored shots. Getting people pumped for the money dance.

Note to all brides and grooms: money dances equal money. Hence the name… People were tossing some hefty bills in there! Way to go Amber & Greg!


One response

  1. Amber & Greg Nadeja

    These pictures are amazing! I love how you captured all of the moments that I didn’t even remember! I can’t wait to get the pictures home!

    February 9, 2011 at 11:54 PM

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