We do photography the right way.

Child’s Play!

Who would have thought that doing a photo shoot at a museum would have been any fun? Well, this one was the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, and it turned out to be a prefect solution for trying to do photography in Pittsburgh’s wintery weather. There wasn’t enough snow outside to make anything out of it and definitely too cold for a stroll at the park, so we resorted to an indoor shoot that turned full of color.

This was the coolest room with these bright orange and pink streamers coming down. I really needed a fish-eye lens to get the effect of this room, since it was so massive.

Oh, this cutie had the most adorable faces! It took her a moment to warm up to “those weird strangers with the cameras” — but soon enough she liked us enough to give us some good cheesers.

I mean come on! Look at those eyes! They’re precious.

This room with the airplane was personally my favorite. These colors were uber bright!

“This plane ain’t big enough for the three of us…”

Okay. So about a half hour into it, I got the sense that this place is more like a playground than it is a “museum.” I’m onto you, Carnegie!

Thanks so much you guys for hosting us and inviting us to spend a fun day at the museum with your family! We had a blast, and it was the perfect location for color and smiles!


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