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Baby Eli

Baby Eli was our first newborn shoot we did in a while. His mommy and daddy wanted to get some photos done while he still had that new-born smell — er, I mean, look; so we arranged to go over their house in the evening during the week since our next few weekends are booked… The only problem with shooting at night, however, is that we don’t get to use any of that beautiful (and free) window lighting that I love using for babies. So instead it was strobist to the rescue once again. All of these shots were taken with an SB-900 through a white umbrella (for you interested photogs out there). But I wanted to keep the shots as natural as possible, so Heather brought the umbrella nice and close for most of these photos. For almost every shot, the umbrella is hovering just outside of frame.

You get to enjoy lighting so much more when you’re the one controlling it!


Originally, we didn’t catch Eli at the best time. Plus most babies don’t like a big round light flashing in their faces every few seconds, so he’d been crying through most of our early efforts. And just when we thought he was starting to like his glamor shots being taken…

So daddy brought his magic with his big comfy rocking chair. Within minutes, Eli went into a beautiful baby slumber! That’s something I’ll have to keep in mind…

And… Out!

At one point, Eli just stuck his little arm up. Which, of course, was adorable… Snapped a few photos, but as soon as I tried to tuck his left arm down, his right one came up!

That looked like a pretty comfortable pose. So we let him be for a little while…

Oh and we forgot! Eli was born just after the Super Bowl this year! Good thing you missed this one, little guy. Hopefully, on your first birthday we can celebrate together with a Steelers victory.


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