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Danielle at the Cathedral

senior pictures

This a wonderful shoot to do for several reasons! I actually really like doing senior pictures photo shoots. I find them to be really low-pressure and cool, and it’s usually with “models” who are a lot more willing to have fun and goof off a bit! We did the shoot at the Cathedral of Learning because Pittsburgh’s weather is so unpredictable during these months. In fact, it rained all day.

We actually saw several photogs working around the Cathedral that day. Nice location!

I did this photo shoot together with Nick Smarto of Smarto Studios. Nick is our new “intern” — though I almost feel weird calling him that cause he knows just as much about photography as me and Heather. But we’re thrilled to have him on board and get his help on a few weddings this summer. We worked really well together, moving lights around and trying new things on the fly!

For most of the shoot we used two lights (an SB-900 & SB-800) with a few exceptions, like the ones in front of this grate. If you’re an interested photog, we use Phottix Stratos to trigger the lights wirelessly. These little guys are extremely reliable. Both Nick and I were popping shots left and right and we didn’t have a single misfire (except, of course, when I forgot to turn on a flash). We used to use the Cactus V4, but I say stay away from those!

Danielle did an awesome job modeling for us. She was really comfortable and herself!

She wasn’t afraid of being goofy either!

We went up to the top floor, known as the Honors College lounge, and incorporated the beautiful stairwell and woodwork into some photos.

I love how the black leather jacket gives a strong clash and contrast to these shots!

Thanks for being such a great sport, Danielle! You did wonderful and the various outfits you picked out were really rocking! They worked out great!


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