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Sydney’s Sweet Six (months)

One of the most awesome parts about being a family photography is getting the opportunity to watch these little ones grow. We did Sydney’s newborn photos late last year, and when we stopped by again this weekend she had grown so much! The one thing that caught my attention immediately was her beautiful, shiny eyes!

You can take a look at her newborn photos if you like!

Oh and we finally got to use our newest NIKKOR 85mm F/1.4 G lens.  This beautiful glass was out of stock from both B&H & Adorama… so we purchased it from Nikon directly. I love how this lens locks down on Sydney’s pretty little eyes in all of these shots, and yet makes the surrounding look soft and dreamy!

I love this painting. And the deer fit with the theme of our last shoot.

Once she got her feeding on, Sydney was out! She slept so peacefully!

Aww! Look at that little tear. I never thought I would say this about a baby crying, but that’s adorable.

But baby toys did the trick to get her happy again!

Look at this little car! All pink and shiny. And these glasses definitely made the look!

I declare that it’s time to… Rock on, Baby! Rock on!

Watch out! You almost hit the curb!

Such a determined face working on those plastic letters…

And there they go. That’s okay. Mommy will pick them up.

Thanks guys for having us over for this shoot! Sydney is so beautiful! Next time we’ll see you guys she’ll be one year old! It’s unbelievable how quickly they grow!

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