We do photography the right way.

Countryside baby bump!

We drove a decent 45 minutes to Tarentum for this round-bellied shoot, but man was it worth it! This place was picked by Jessica, which belonged to her husband’s parents.

As soon as we pulled up to the residence, we were in awe by the beautiful farmland and place. Heather kept saying how she wanted to sell our house and move out here.

This barn and hay stacks seemed like a cozy little place to start.

Where’d they come from? They almost look like they crawled through the hay to get to mommy.

Love the back-lit glow of this photo! To me it symbolizes the glow of life growing inside Jessica’s belly. This composition was actually Nick Smarto’s idea, who has been doing a couple photo shoots with us. Feel free to check out his photography portfolio and work. We’re always happy to take him with us on photo shoots!

Such a wonderful little family moment…

Love the look on Jessica’s face here! She’s so full of love for her little ones 🙂

Ahh! Breeze…

I really love mother’s pregnant bellies! I think they’re such a wonderful thing! When we started doing photography, I was apprehensive about the idea of doing maternity shoots, but now we’ve done our third one, and I think it’s one of my favorite type of shoots to do.

(That’s an old Italian saying we used to say as kids when you would put your thumbs against your temples, wiggle your fingers and stick out your tongue. This kinda reminded me of that.)

Totally random, but when I saw these two ceramic cow and pig, I figured I’d incorporate them somehow. Really it was a bad choice of animals on my part because I had to either hand Jessica the cow or the pig… something no woman would ever want to be associated with. Oops! At least these ceramic guys were cute!

Mommy’s got a belly because she’s pregnant. Daddy? Well, daddy’s got indigestion. Or at least that’s what it looks like from this pic!

All around this tiny little shack was soooo muddy! I can’t even believe Jessica and Ryan agreed to walk all the way out there for photos. And, as they made their way back, Jessica almost took a tumble. Ryan grabbed her hand just in time! I would have felt so incredibly bad if she’d landed in all that mud!

I love those colorful little block letters  🙂

Thanks for inviting us to such a beautiful location! We really hope to meet Colton soon. It’ll be such a joy to watch him grow if we do several photo sessions together!

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