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Little Italian Beauties

When you see a cute little baby with such rich, dark and thick hair like that, you can probably bet she’s got some good Italian blood in her! In fact this little babe’s mom was my Italian teacher at Pitt a couple years back. It was really nice to be welcomed into her home and meet her family!

This is Sofia. Twenty-months old and runs laps around me at 21-miles-per hour. This was a rare moment when I caught her still enough for a gorgeous little portrait 🙂

This white fur rug was gorgeous! I would definitely love to do some more shoots with something like that in the future!

I can’t get over how much hair she had! It almost looks like a baby-sized wig! haha

Babies can really be contemplative, like they’re full of thought over every little thing they touch. I just can’t wait till we have our own little guy or gal (we don’t know the sex yet) and just admire him or her admire the world. It fills me with awe!

For any of you photographers following our work: big window lights are a gorgeous source for family and children photos! If you’re ever at a client’s house and they have big windows like this, let that glorious light in! It can give you some beautiful softness (large light source)…

Aw! Marzia, your smile is great!

hmmm… so peaceful

Oh those cheeks!

Grazie Tantissimo per l’onore di fotografare la vostra bellissima famiglia!


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One response

  1. Marie

    I love this and think it is adorable, of course I am a little partial because we are related! lol I would love to speak to you about a sitting in our home. Thank you, Marie DiCicco

    April 30, 2011 at 11:45 AM

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