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Pretty Little Dresses

As soon as little Austin and Saidie welcomed me in, I knew this was going to be a good photo shoot by looking at their little outfits. I was really happy that their mom went all out by getting them these little pink and brown ballerina dresses.

The front entrance was decorated in a wood-cabin look, complete with a bear rug! How freaking cool!

Mommy did an awesome job with props! We don’t like to use our own props because we don’t want to make cookie-cutter photos, but we definitely love it when our clients incorporate things of their own! This trunk was really sweet.

They look like little stars.

We found this giant pile of wood chips and I was all about it! Even better, mommy wasn’t afraid of her little girls getting dirty and play. I was so happy to hear that!

I’m not sure what this gangsta pose was about, but I liked it.

Thanks for letting me photograph your wonderful little girls! I really had a blast and enjoyed myself a lot. All the details you put into this photo shoot really made it all come together!

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