We do photography the right way.

Adventurous Adler!

So since finding out we’re expecting our first child, I (Heather) haven’t been able to get out much to do any photography. I’ve been helping a lot with lighting and what not but for someone who isn’t very skilled to begin with, especially with the logistics of the camera, taking a lot of time away can be a huge setback. Luckily I turned a corner health wise, and was able to do photos for a childhood friend.

Adler’s mom Tracy and I were involved together with cheerleading from a very early age…maybe like 3rd or 4th grade!  And we went all the way to senior year. Unfortunately like most high school people we lost touch during college but thanks to facebook we’ve reconnected and I’ve been able to see her little man grow through photos. So I offered to do some photos for her and her family!

Adler was so cute and very curious while we were at the park. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with me but I managed to snag a few really cute moments!

When I first got to their home Adler was eating snacks and watching a cartoon…as soon as I pulled out my camera he turned into a little model!

Little Boys love their trucks!

Adler loved making music by banging on all the columns of the playground set…it was so cute

I was playing peek-a-boo with him here…got a few smiles from him after that! Peek-a-boo works every time even though it makes me feel like an awkward studio photographer

“Hey lady…you’re in my way”

I love his little attitude in the picture below!

What day isn’t complete without bubbles! Although we had to put them away because the little guy wanted to eat them!

I love this next photo….I’m not nearly as talented as Michel, it’s a slow learning process, but every once in a while I come home with a good shot!

Who doesn’t love bouncing above mommy’s head??

I’m so happy the weather finally cooperated enough to get together after almost 7 years and catch up! I think the photos turned out so cute and can’t wait till June to do some of the whole family!


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