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Liz & Ben Get Married

Man was this an enjoyable wedding! Ben and Liz have a great sense of humor, awesome personality, very relatable and treated us as our guests the whole time. We really felt like part of the new family. Also, if you’ve been following our work for a little while, you know that we’ve been doing some photo shoots with Nick of Smarto Studios. This was our first wedding together with him and he did a fantastic job. In fact, he turned in some gems. We couldn’t resist but post a few of his shots. You’ll see his name for credit under the photos that belong to him.

A lot of our weddings lately have been crunch time where we had only a few hours total to spend with our Bride and Groom. It was nice to have a bit more time to catch those preparation moments and glimpses of anticipation.

Cheese it! The girls snacked on some sausage and cheese, of course. I joked with Liz that I was going to do a post-modern shoe shot by putting one of the sausages and a block of cheese in her shoes. I don’t think she found that to be the brightest photography idea I pitched to her.

Great photo, Heather!

Also, confession time. Out of respect for our brides (and their to-be husbands) I never take photos of the bride putting on her dress, so I let Heather take all those images. So when this happened, I was actually down in the courtyard waiting for the girls to finish up, but the motel room’s door was open, and I could see Liz crying. I knew we had to have this image and that Liz would treasure it. So what do I do in a tender and emotional moment such as this?


Smooth, Michel. Smooth.

(Oh it was real smooth…what did you think I was doing, downing squeezy cheese and sausage???-H)

A guy’s moment relieving some tension. There were actually eight groomsmen, but I could only fit six of them in there.

 by Nick Smarto

Ben pulled off the GQ pose quite nicely.

So apparently this cone photo is in memory of an argument Liz and Ben involving a traffic cone. Don’t worry, Ben, now she’ll really never forget about it. Ever.

 by Nick Smarto

 by Nick Smarto

Nick Smarto

Sometimes we have to break a rule or two to make sure we get the shots we need. I’m pretty sure Nick wasn’t supposed to be standing where he is right now for this image. But I’m glad he was.

Heather, who was standing in the back of the church, was getting yelled at right about now for Nick’s and my antics… Sorry hun! But aren’t photos like this worth it?

(Of course they’re great photos, but I bet I could have had a few too if I wasn’t getting yelled at every 5 minutes!!!-H)

This fish was totally random. It came with the bus they rented.

Also the bus (this was more like a charter bus than a limo bus) had a bedroom in the back! I figured we’d put it to good use.

 by Nick Smarto

Such an emotional and great moment between father and daughter…

Liz came away from the cake-smearing mostly unscathed. Ben… Well, he got the brunt of it.

Look, Ma! No hands!

 by Nick Smarto

by Nick Smarto

Liz made some of the funniest and craziest faces dancing! It was great!

Thanks again guys! Don’t wait too long to have little babies cuz they’ll be adorable and we want to take pictures of them, too! You guys were wonderful!

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2 responses

  1. Tammy Gower

    Hi Heather,

    This is Aunt Tam and I just want you to know that you guys did a FANTASTIC job! The shots you got that were not planned are just awesome! If you lived closer to the Pocono Mts. I would be referring you ALOT. I still will be referring you!!!
    Again, GREAT job!!!!!

    Aunt Tam

    May 13, 2011 at 10:12 AM

    • heathersauret

      Thanks Aunt Tam! You were a huge help to me and I appreciate having another loud mouth to help me out!! We had our honeymoon in the Pocono’s so Refer away, we’ll travel 🙂

      May 13, 2011 at 11:55 AM

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