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Creek Splashing Celebration

Getting those boots ready to splash in the water.

It’s rare that we get to celebrate a child’s birthday together with them and do photos of them on their actual birthday. During this photo shoot, our little niece, Mira, turned two. It’s a crazy thing watching a child grow in their early years, from developing the smallest laugh, to words, standing, walking… now Mira is on a full-fledged run everywhere she goes. I think my sister, Marta, picked the perfect location to do some family photos together. She brought us all together to this little creek that made it feel like a true moment together with family.

Mica just wanted a hug from his little sis. Hug me, Mira. Hug me.

Spring time is a great time for photos, not just because of the weather, but the sun stays out late and has a wonderful warm glow.

You know this was going to happen… Mira fell face-deep into the water.

Pull up them pants, boy!

Even though this creek was right by a park where kids were playing baseball, I felt like we could really photograph a tender and private family moment together.

Boots off!

Mira’s smile reminds me of a little tiny and adorable monster grin. Those rounded little teeth make her whole smile so adorable! Every time I’m around this little girl, all I want is to see her smile like this.

Thanks Marta & Mike for having me photograph your family! Even as busy as we have been with photographs lately, it’s always important to remember to spend whatever time we can together! Love you all!

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