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Josie & Pavel Get Married

We were really thrilled in being able to photograph Josie & Pavel’s wedding! We had a really fun time on their engagement photo shoot with balloons. And the theme fit again as Josie and her mom decorated her wedding with hand-made balloon flowers. Plus they did a killer job with bunches and bunches of hand-crafted paper flowers too. They were a great touch! 

These bouquet ballon flowers were sweet! Josie, you and your mom did an awesome job with all the details! And I loved being able to incorporate these in some of our shots together!

I love how it was so easy for Josie and Pavel to laugh together and enjoy each other on a day that’s usually so stressful for a bride and groom.

So every bride and groom has faced it when going out to do their photos: Hecklers. They’re always whistling or shouting or honking their horn while driving by. This time, while stopping for some ice cream, some big guy behind me started heckling Josie and Pavel for looking so serious. But it got them both busting out laughing, so I wasn’t going to stop him.

This look says, “I should have ordered vanilla.”

Ice cream was definitely the right touch because this was such a hot day in Pittsburgh!

Pavel actually sent out a choreographed dance video of Staying Alive to his friends so they’d do it together at the wedding! That’s dedication.

What a great little moment. I love catching glimpses like this with the camera.

Do the train!

Thank you so much guys for being so fun and willing to play around with our silly photo ideas on your wedding day!


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2 responses

  1. Josie Angel

    The woods pictures do remind me of Twilight…nice…I love them!

    May 28, 2011 at 9:16 PM

  2. Matteo

    Hello Pavel, I don’t know if you remember who I am, I’m Matteo, a former collegue of your father.
    We where working together in care of Mobile, AL, and I remember you as a kid.
    It’s incredible how much time is passed, now I recognize how old I am….Thanks for this…..
    Many, many congratulation for your wedding, I wish for you a life full of satisfation and happiness.
    A hug from Italy

    January 8, 2012 at 7:00 AM

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