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You’re never too old to go to Prom!

My little sister Becky is interning at Fairwinds Manor which is north of Pittsburgh in Sarver PA. It is a personal care home as well as an assisted living facility for the elderly. This year the staff decided to start a new tradition to give the residents a special day just for them. They decided to start having a prom….complete with a king and queen! It is so important to give residents of these homes days full of life and smiles. It can be very lonely for a lot of them, and to bring them all together for a good cause brought a huge smile to my face. Most of them are immobile but they just loved the attention and spending time all dolled up.

I jumped at the chance to volunteer to snap a few shots when my sister asked me about it. The staff and families gathered donated dresses for all the ladies, and they helped do their hair, makeup and even nails! The gents looked so nice in their suits too! It was just so nice to see them so happy and proud in their beautiful gowns! If you ever get a chance to volunteer or visit a personal care home or assisted living home I would do it. They may not know you, but they do know that you take your time to visit them and sit and talk with them. They all have stories to tell…they just need someone to listen!

Here’s just a few shots I nabbed that day!!

This lovely lady was all about striking a pose for the camera! 

Our prom king 2011! 

Prom queen receiving her crown!!! 

This cute couple lives at the home together. They didn’t want to leave one another…too cute

This loving husband came in to take his wife to the prom 🙂

These ladies got serenaded by the entertainer

I’m so happy I went up for their special event. Keep a look next year to see how cute everyone looks!


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