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Colton welcomed into the world

Newborns have always been such a wonderful joy to photograph for me, and since Heather’s pregnancy, I’ve started to look forward to these even more. These little guys and gals are not only precious, but fragile. It’s a moment of awe trying to pose these young babies for photos.

We got to photograph Colton when he was still a baby bump, so it was cool to meet this little guy face to face.

I have to say that keeping Colton in this pose was not easy. He put up quite a fight, and he was STRONG! For being only a week and a half, he could almost lift himself up off his belly. I’ve never seen that before!

Oooh! I love his little face here! He seems so mesmerized by mom!


Listening to daddy’s heart…

Thanks for putting up with me little guy! Especially with all those flashing lights and lenses in your face. Hopefully you won’t put up as much of a fight next time we see you 🙂


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