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Kate and Chuck–Engagement Shoot!

It’s funny how people from your past can catch back up with you. When Michel worked at My Brick Oven on Banksville Road during college he use to stand for hours in front of a hot oven and make pizzas. The customers loved him and would often sit and keep him company. Kate was one of those customers! This was maybe 5-6 years ago! And she came across our website and remembered Michel from all that time ago….he’s pretty memorable. And we met with her and her fiancée and are planned to do their wedding in October!

So last weekend we met them at Phipps Conservatory, a beautiful location in Pittsburgh for their engagement shoot!

Now you might see similar shots like the one above from other engagement shoots…but there’s a reason for our ridiculousness with this type of picture….this picture to us represents all the awkward posing some photographers ask of their clients…doesn’t this just seem weird!? Think of the old lady and old man in front of the farm with the pitch fork…awful. So we like to do this pose on each e-shoot to get the clients to loosen up and laugh a little at how funny people can look in photos!

Chuck can play some mean blues on the acoustic guitar….I’m jealous, my guitar hasn’t seen much time outta the case since I got it. Maybe someday I’ll find time to learn! 

I love this shot above….they are so cute together it’s kind of contagious!

This was Kate’s idea and it was a cute one….the room did seem like a maze, so why not a good game of cat and mouse!

Ohh Chuck….

Thanks so much guys for meeting us at Phipps! I’m glad you found us after all these years! We are excited to do your wedding at PNC Park! 


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