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All About Avery!

Avery is 4 weeks old, and by far the best behaved baby I’ve photographed! Shea is such a beautiful woman and she was just glowing with love for her new baby boy. It’s been hard doing photo shoots without Michel but I love taking photos of babies and this one was a breeze…..well not much of a breeze because it was killer hot but we all got through it and the finished product were some adorable photos!

These two photos were so fun to grab because he was actually going through an array of poses…it was so cute he was like a little model!

I love the next photos with Shea and her baby boy…they are so soft and sweet and just emit so much motherly joy!

Love his little mow-hawk!

Looks like mom and dad want a future baseball player! He was actually rolling the ball around a bit which was so cute at only 4 weeks!

This little owl hat was the cutest thing I’ve seen!

Thanks so much little Avery for being such a trooper, and thanks Shea for such a great photo shoot! Hopefully we’ll get more opportunities in the future to take photos of your little guy!!

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