We do photography the right way.

Our 2012 outlook!!!!

Hey all OWSP fan’s out there! We’re right in the middle of a hot and heavy loaded wedding season, and to top it off a ton of portrait sessions…and to our surprise we’ve already gotten some requests for next year! We like early planners. We just wanted to inform you what’s going on in our lives and what we have planned for next year.

In October we’re due to greet into this world our first child…a son who we have named Phoenix. As many of you know, we’re booked through October and aren’t taking any assignments and clients after that, as to make sure we take some much needed family time. We won’t be doing fall and Christmas photos this year except for our family and friends.

Starting in January we’re looking to lunge back into our photography and start booking again. But here is what our plan will look like from here on out…

We will be setting aside only one Saturday a month for family, babies, maternity, portrait and senior photography sessions. Typically we’ll book 3-4 shoots in one day. We will then set one Saturday aside to book a wedding. The other two Saturday’s will be left for Michel’s monthly army commitment and for family time. So needless to say we’re scaling back quite a  bit. That doesn’t mean we want to miss out on photographing a lot of you, but we have realized that sometimes we just need to create healthy lines for our family to grow. We’ve realized this year how precious family is and we want to spend our time honoring God by honoring each other.

So please spread the word now! We’ve booked 6 portrait sessions already for the spring so people are getting the hint and booking far enough in advance to snag us for their photography needs.

As of now, the only month we won’t be able to do weddings is June 2012 as we’ve already committed to our June wedding. But we are definitely looking too book more, even in off months (Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov, Dec)!!!

So don’t give up on us or leave us! We value everyone’s support out there and are so blessed with the gifts God has given us through this business. We are so thankful for all the amazing families and couples we’ve met in just a short span of time.

So plan ahead and keep your eye out for some amazing photography coming your way!


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