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Noelle & Matt say “I Dew”

Noelle and Matt had a beautifully detailed wedding with a splash of purple and personality. We had a great time with them, and we shot at the Summit Inn for the second time in a few months. A great location!

They rode from the church to the reception in the rumble seat of this classy 1930 Ford Model A!

We couldn’t even photograph the best part of this car: The horn! AHOOGA! Pretty cool.

It took a while to get them to jump all at the same time, haha!

One serious… One fun…

The heck with cake! Check out this stack of fresh strawberries!

Matt & Noelle had a chocolate fountain, and it was fantastic! I must have eaten a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries and enough choco-pretzel sticks to build a fort!

This was clever! I guess Matt and his friends are a bit of a Mountain Dew addicts!

Should we be worried of him taking our job?

Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to document your wedding! We hope you love the moments we captured!


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